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Small Girl, Big World

"You can't stop the signal..."

Joanna Tova Price
22 August 1986
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last updated: 6/21/2013

This is not a blog about anything except my life and things that interest me. Occasionally this will include topics such as politics, technology, philosophy, media, etc. I might post pictures and videos, or just talk about my day and myself. There are no themes, this is not a blog on society, you should not come here to be intellectually enlightened.

Who I am:

My name is Joanna Tova Price. I am Jewish, liberal, geeky, outgoing, and witty every once in a while. I appreciate word puns, dark humor, mean humor, and all kinds of conversation. I graduated from Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) in May, 2009. I studied literary journalism (documentary writing, narrative non fiction, creative non fiction, etc) and cognitive science. I completed a master's degree in library and information science at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) in Ann Arbor in April, 2012.

I currently serve as the educational technology librarian at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL.


You need to have a livejournal account to read my blog, and you need to be on my friends list. I will add almost anyone, regardless of similarity of interest, political viewpoints, etc. If you are interested in reading my livejournal, add me, and there is a good chance I will add you back within 24 hours.

These are the exceptions to the rule- I WILL NOT ADD YOU, FLAT OUT, IF:

-You are a previous, current, or potential future employer of mine.
-You are an adult family member of mine.
-You participate in rating communities.
-Your LiveJournal is in a language I can't understand.
-I know you personally and I don’t fucking like you.

Any other questions can be sent to joannatovaprice@gmail.com

My professional/academic blog can be found here: Torrid Library Affair @ Tumblr
My Twitter account can be found here: @joannatovaprice